We assemble high quality prototype PCBs in the USA for customers around the world. Our top notch service and affordable prices have attracted thousands of PCB designers and contract manufacturers who rely on high quality prototypes and production runs that work the first time. We offer a complete turnkey service for PCB prototyping: PCB Layout Design, PCB prototype fabrication, and PCB Assembly. Our circuit board prototyping services and turn times are unmatched.
For over 30 years, Surya Electronics, Inc. has earned the trust of engineers, students, hobbyist, and contract manufacturers by providing high quality PCB assembly at affordable prices. We want to earn your trust by providing you with the same customer service that has made us one of the top PCB manufacturers in the US.
PCB Boards
Simple Prototype PCB Assembly:
  • Entry-level Prototype PCB services
  • Ideal for simple SMT & thru-hole only designs
  • Up to 500 boards in just a few hours.
  • Entry-level Prototype PCB services


Full Prototype PCB Assembly:

  • Fast and Flexible prototype PCB manufacturing
  • Perfect for testing designs or one-offs
  • Completed boards in as little as 48 hours

High Volume PCB Assembly for Contract Manufacturing

  • We also work by consignment providing labor only for customers who have their own parts. Let us assembly your product to your specification with scheduled deliveries. High volume is no problem, we have the equipment to produce thousands of boards per day.

Please submit your Prototype PCB specifications by emailing us your Gerber Files or submitting them through the PCB Quote page. We provide accurate PCB quotes for your prototyping the first time because we review your design before providing you with a quote. We don't rely on automated PCB quoting that is not accurate or reliable for advanced PCB prototyping.